5 Tips For Getting Traffic & Converting To B2B | Google

 5 Tips For Getting Traffic & Converting To B2B | Google

Having a website and being visible on social media is now considered standard practice for all businesses. However, the great majority of 

they confront the same challenge: how to increase traffic and drive conversions. Today, there are several strategies for attracting clients. 

However, the procedure is frequently sluggish, with effects that are often insignificant. This is why we've included "hacks" in this post to 

help you speed up the process of traffic creation and conversion. Discover 5 strategies for transforming yourself into a lead generation machine.

1. Design your purchasing path well

To increase traffic and increase conversions, you must simplify your customers' purchasing journey. A simplification from which you may benefit by having a better understanding of the path in question, which you can get through the design of it. To do so, you must theoretically reconstruct the purchasing journey, as in inbound marketing.

However, this dissection or comprehension of the path does not occur in any way. We recommend that you use the Growth Hacking method for this. Growth hacking is a model that entails using methods and tricks to easily achieve a goal with little financial resources while also optimizing time. It is broken down into four stages:
  • Analysis of the situation using the AARRR model (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Recommendation, Revenue);
  • Search for ideas;
  • Deployment of the strategy;
  • Measuring results.
Another more comprehensive method suitable for all business buying journeys is Acquisition Strategy Design. This is the ultimate 

guide to building the customer acquisition plan step by step by aligning communication, marketing, and sales. This model makes it 

easier to dissect and understand the customer journey. It is also made up of 4 stages, namely:

  • The Acquisition Canvas, which helps you to better understand your consumer by asking the correct questions.

  • The Purchasing Path is the process through which you formalize the customer's activities.

  • The Acquisition Matrix, which allows you to specify customer acquisition actions;

  • The Acquisition Plan, which assists you in prioritizing investments and focusing on what has to be done first.
By applying this methodology, you will be able to build your customer's journey with precision and ease. And therefore, adopt the best strategy to promote your traffics and conversions.

2. Create content that converts

Creating content is within everyone's reach. But creating content that can convert is much more complex. To do this, the use of specialized SEO tools is necessary. They will allow you to determine the actions to be taken to optimize your content.

Among the tools that can help you produce better content is SEMrush which is a tool that helps you find the right keyword. Indeed, using the right keywords is not always easy when producing content. Thanks to SEMrush, you can find out for example which keyword you are not yet present. You can also know the keywords that will allow you to gain volume and use it for your headlines.

WhatsMySerp is also a tool that lets you find the right keywords to use. This is a plug-in on Google Chrome that you can acquire quickly. Although free, the tool is not suitable for all web browsers. Also, compared to SEMrush, it is quite a limited tool when it comes to functionality.

Another tool that you might find essential is Rank Math Seo. It is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your blog post and improve its content. The tool rates your article from 1 to 100 to determine whether it is perfectly constructed or not.

Lumen 5 is also a game-changer in your SEO strategy. It allows you to build videos in 5 minutes from a blog post. You can therefore reuse longer content to take advantage of a viral format, which promotes your ranking in the SERPs.

Finally, producing “easy writing” or “influencer” content is also practical for having good content. This is a hack for those with an old website to check Google Analytics for pages that are losing visits. You must then reactivate them, reboot them and redistribute them to generate new traffic on your site.

3. Exploit your contact base on social networks

Social networks are your best friend if you want to drive more traffic to your site. For good reason, it's much easier to reach more people on social platforms. However, to attract Internet users, you have to know how to attract them. Putting the card of emotional content to your community allows you, for example, to win back traffic. It’s one way to rekindle their attention on your site. So, it’s worth rotating the type of content you share on social media. Between two publications with expert content, offering emotional content will be beneficial to you.

Other actions like sending a message that includes a link to your site to people who liked your post are also very beneficial. Also in the emotional game, you can offer a small welcome gift to those who liked your post or to your followers. In fact, some tools allow this to be done automatically. This is the case with PhantomBuster on Twitter which automatically sends a small welcome message to followers with a gift or a question.

4. Our advice to optimize your conversions

The ideal conversion rate should always be above 1%. Being below this rate is really not good. So, to increase this figure, it is for example advisable to do some tests to find what is best. For example, if you have several landing page ideas, evaluate an old version and a new one, or do AB testing, you can go for the best.

A very successful way to optimize your conversions as well as to think persona. By knowing better the profile of your customers, it will be easier to find the type of content that interests them.

Being there for your visitors is also a great way to convert. For example, setting up an offline chat is interesting, because it allows the Internet user to share their needs. It's also a great way to build relationships and show that your business is always close to its customers.

5. Marketing d’automation : les bonnes pratiques

When it comes to hacking your traffic generation, automation is also your best ally. Here is a list of automation tools and some practices that will help you acquire more leads.

Offer emails and use scenarios that work (send an email regularly every X days, use ROI calculation tools, customer testimonials);
Propose events to take action (Webinar, Live, Promo, study);
Pick up the phone in B2B (Hot prospect call or message on LinkedIn);
Hack for deliverability (change sender name, change the domain name, change service for inactive people by removing those who are not interested).
To finish…

These 5 hacks will help you improve your online presence. By applying them, you will see your SEO boosted, and you will also be able to generate more visits to your site. Now is the time to apply a real strategy to gain more customers and drive conversions. These 5 tips can become the key to your success.

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