Teds Woodworking Get Access16 000 Plans Plus Bonuse

 Teds Woodworking Get Access16 000 Plans Plus Bonuse 

If you enjoy woodworking and have searched the internet for the greatest woodworking designs to help you polish and perfect your trade, you've most certainly came across Teds Woodworking.

Teds collection of woodworking "plans" has undoubtedly acquired a lot of momentum in terms of popularity in recent years, and at first sight at Teds Woodworking sales website, one may feel that Teds plans could be the solution to all your woodworking project prayers.

I mean, how could one woodworker go wrong by paying $67 on a stunning 16,000 high-quality woodworking plans with a comprehensive "treasure trove" of in-depth video training courses presented by Ted McGrath, the master craftsman himself?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? We're talking about step-by-step directions with comprehensive "blueprints" from Ted, the renowned carpentry guru.

This couldn't possibly be another online woodworking scam delivered to you by those unethical guys at Clickbank, could it?

So, let's delve a bit further and see if Ted's "esteemed" woodworking designs are worth your time and, more crucially, your money.

Speaking of money, if you want to make money online with woodworking, you'll need the correct guidance and woodworking designs. But will Ted's Woodworking 

provide you with that?

What is Teds Woodworking?

To answer that question, you'd need to know who Ted McGrath is and if he's genuine. Fortunately, the US military developed such a time, known as the internet.

This incredible technical accomplishment enables you to considerably widen your horizons by undertaking various types of in-depth study. It virtually instantaneously offers would-be consumers with an unimaginable amount of very accurate data.

As a result, you can call BS on nearly anything just by wiggling your thumbs.

The funny thing is, I couldn't locate anything about Ted McGrath's qualifications or even his geographical location while completing any such investigation.

While I did come across a handful of photographs of a reasonably well-groomed breaded guy acting as Ted, I couldn't discover anything else. There is no Facebook profile, no Linkedin page, no Twitter account, nothing.

While this isn't grounds to phone the NSA and have the genetically altered killer monkeys released, it does raise a few doubts, especially since Ted is meant to be the self-proclaimed "master craftsman" you'll be studying from during this course.

I mean, if Ted truly is the dick-swinging Yoda of the woodworking industry, wouldn't he have a reputation to live up to? No, not exactly.
Ted McGrath does not exist, which is why he is nowhere to be discovered online and is a confirmed ghost on every other platform besides Ted's very own sales website for Teds Woodworking Plans.

Ted is just a made-up figure, like the Easter Bunny or Johnny Depp in every other Tim Burton picture that no one wanted to watch.
That begs the question: if Ted isn't genuine, are his 16,000 woodworking designs as wel

Are Teds Woodworking Plans Any Good?

Well, I suppose it all depends on your definition of "good"?! We might not be on the same page if you believe it's "fine" to swap your hard-earned legal cash for a 
compilation of appalling-looking blueprints that have been unlawfully taken from other publications.

That being said, because I had the misfortune of purchasing Teds Woodworking Plans myself, I'll tell you precisely what's wrong with this course and you may draw your own judgments.

To begin, the blueprints themselves are thrown together like a dog's breakfast at an Albanian animal shelter.

There's practically little effort put into preparing or organizing these programs so you can study them properly. 

To be honest, Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder could have put together a better course after sharing a wheelbarrow load of Vodka than Ted and his buddies did in this dreadful course.
To put it bluntly, it's a shambles, and locating anything particular is a complete disaster.

Apart from the fact that Ted's ideas are in complete chaos with no attempt to organize them appropriately, they are also of appalling quality.

When Ted stated I'd be getting "blueprints," I figured I'd be getting intricate drawings with a level of realism that I'd enjoy.

Instead, these so-called designs seem like something my 3-year-old niece might do with a cup of powdered sugar and a crayon. In fact, I'd prefer the latter since she wouldn't charge me $67 a glorified cat scratch.

Is Ted's Woodworking Worth the Money?

Like a piece of unique art that only a few will ever understand, this is somewhat subjective and largely depends on how you value money.

To put things in perspective, I once spent over $200 on a glass of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey while abroad, which left me in a pretty dubious state. Was this fancy-schmancy glass of rocket fuel worth the $200 I voluntarily gave over while inebriated? It was, indeed. You may be wondering why. Because when I paid for it, I understood precisely what I was receiving.

Sure, I wasn't in the most rational frame of mind at the moment, and I may have awoken the next morning with an unfathomable headache and an ass the size of a clown's pocket, but it was still worth it.

This is also why I can't explain Teds Woodworking Plans' exorbitant price, because you clearly don't get what you pay for.

If Teds Woodworking Plans had not been touted as the greatest thing since carved wood, I could have been singing a different tune when seeking to reclaim my money from Clickbank (good luck with that).

However, Ted's horrible woodworking school is completely deceptive, and the 16 000 plans supplied by Ted (or whatever this shadowy mystery man is) are of really bad quality and exceedingly old.

To be honest, Teds Woodworking Plans aren't really "plans" per se; they're more like assembly instructions for a flatpack piece of furniture you don't have... in other words, the "plans" are meaningless.

So, in summary, if you enjoy the concept of paying for an abysmal informative product that was obviously butchered and constructed by a shady group of dubious individuals, go for it. I'll keep beating my poor liver with hard liquor since I'm completely aware of what I'm exchanging my money for, unlike whatever Ted and his gang of misfits appear to be marketing to naive purchasers.

Fortunately, there are far superior options available when it comes to online woodworking classes, and we've done the necessary research so you don't have to.

Where Can I Find Legit Woodworking Plans?

If you're a total beginner, you should try to find a woodworking school or private program near you to learn the ropes. Keep in mind that woodworking, carpentry, and/or joinery are highly trained and experienced crafts that will take a larger degree of trial and error to become incredibly adept.

Having said that, what if you've progressed past the beginner level and are actually interested in receiving significant content with precise directions to make woodworking projects of substance? You have several excellent possibilities, whether for your own use or to sell to the broader public.

If that's the case, and you want to improve your crafting abilities so you can construct and assemble some amazing new wood creations, the first online woodworking course I'd strongly recommend is from Craftsy.

Okay, so you're probably asking what in the sweet saltwater crocodile is Craftsy, and why is this course regarded as the greatest woodworking education on the internet.

To be honest, there is no single online course that is the absolute "best" when it comes to woodworking or carpentry.

This is due to the fact that learning a trade like woodworking takes a significant amount of time, and focusing on one project at a time until it is done is a better option than acquiring "16 000 blueprints" that you will most likely never use.

In a nutshell, you're far better off using instructable style videos that provide explicit instructional information on a learn-as-you-go basis.

Craftsy has created a true online woodworking course that has been properly planned and constructed with an unfathomable level of attention to detail.

Through thorough instructional high-definition videos, you'll learn vital skills from genuine woodworking pros.

Craftsy's classes are practically what Teds Woodworking Plans were meant to be, and then some. 

Craftsy has offered the end-user with the type of step-by-step instructions you'd expect from a paid course that is both simple to follow and inexpensive.

In addition, you'll learn how to build detailed woodworking projects from the comfort of your own workshop on your very own DIY workbench.

Or... you could keep spending your money on horrible "plans" from a phony huckster like Ted McGrath, who's done nothing except take a lot of flat-pack like IKEA 

instructions and repackage them as "woodworking blueprints." To be honest, it's a no-brainer.

What is Craftsy Online Woodworking Course All About?

So, what about the features and deliverables? What precisely does a would-be artisan get when they enroll in Craftsy's woodworking course?
Overall, my experience with Craftsy was exceptional. This is especially true when 

comparing what Craftsy provides to Ted's Woodworking or any other crap product that Clickbank pushes.

You may quickly choose any course you're interested in using Craftsy's simple interface and begin absorbing high-quality material almost immediately. 

Craftsy offers a variety of woodworking programs that are cleverly digested in an episode style, allowing you to study and work at your own pace.

You can choose from some of the following projects:
  • Arts & Crafts Style: Greene & Greene Details
  • Woodturning Basics: Seven Handy Kitchen Items
  • Woodworking Essentials: Bending & Shaping
  • Woodworking Essentials: Benches & Boxes
  • Contemporary Coffee Table

Is There a Better Alternative to Craftsy?

I'm not sure about "better," but Popular Woodworking is a terrific alternative that provides future woodworking knowledge seekers with an incredible 400 excellently made woodworking videos.

Popular Woodworking has nearly completed The Royal Library of woodworking for craftsmen enthusiasts, and while it is somewhat more expensive than Craftsy, the increased fee is readily reasonable based only on the number and quality of the content.

Popular Woodworking  has established itself as a legitimate authority in the woodworking field over the years, and their knowledge is on full display with their huge selection of online course content.

You can select from a range of plans for future woodworking projects, such as:
  • Easy DIY projects - like; sliding book racks & pinwheel picture frames.
  • Furniture Projects - like; trestle-style dining table & Limbert footstool.
  • Advanced Woodworking Projects - like; master cabinetmaker’s bench.
  • DIY Workshop Projects - like; compact miter saw stand & small tools cabinet.
All of these Popular Woodworking projects are inexpensive and simple to complete, with thorough step-by-step directions in PDF format.

Mostt of them are around $5-$8 each, so you'll get a lot of bang for your buck without breaking the bank.

You'll also be able to learn true craft skills for real woodworkers, how to use hand tools, how to use power tools, how to design and create a new project, finishing techniques, SketchUp videos, and a whole lot more.

Where to Get Free Woodworking Plans?

Woodsmith Plans or Rockler are the greatest places to find free working plans online. However, locating free blueprints that will allow you to construct unique designs may be more difficult than you think.

Sure, if you're new to woodworking, you'll most likely be able to find anything useful for free online. However, if you're relatively advanced, a paid course like the one indicated above, or even upgrading to Steve Ramsey's Woodworking for Mere Mortals, may be a better option.

Steve has a plethora of expertise and understanding in all things woodworking, and he truly is the "master craftsman" that Ted McGrath claims to be.

That being said, YouTube, Rockler, Woodsmith's, and Craftsy will be your go-to guides for novices just dipping their toes into woodworking and interested in learning the basics and doing a few elementary projects. 

To summarize ; 

The fact is, there are very few accredited woodworking courses available that are worth your valuable time and precious money. 

Not only that, but there are a plethora of deceptive internet personalities hawking what appear to be "free plans" to naive fans, only to be bombarded to oblivion with "one-time" offers.

That's right, you've probably realized by now that nothing, especially woodworking blueprints, is ever truly free.

In other words, there are several legitimate educational choices available for effectively studying carpentry; Ted's Woodworking is not one of them reddit beginner woodworking.

Finally, if you don't want to put your hand in your purse for a course from Craftsy or Popular Woodworking, you can always seek out the expertise of some of YouTube's best woodworkers to get started.

In any case, whether you choose the freemium or premium option, you're on the correct road since the finest investment you can ever make is in yourself.

I hope you liked reading this unbiased Ted's Woodworking review. While you may be unhappy that Ted's Woodworking Plans aren't precisely what you expected, at least you now know the truth and can make the best decision without wasting your time or money.

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