Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

 Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download 

Yoast SEO Premium

Free download of the latest Yoast SEO Premium Plugin v18.0 — Yoast SEO Premium Plugin is without a doubt the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It is 

offered in two flavors:

free and premium.
The free Yoast SEO works perfectly on all websites to handle basic SEO issues, but you must subscribe to the premium version if you want to experience the other fantastic features it has to offer.

Furthermore, once installed on your website, the Yoast Plugin requires you to launch the configuration wizard in order to correctly configure the plugin and automatically generate a sitemap.

Furthermore, the plugin provides an interface to your editor that allows you to create your articles in accordance with SEO guidelines and to specify one emphasis keyword for which you want your post to rank in search engines.

Yoast allows you to change the titles and descriptions of your posts so that search engines can find them. 

You can change the title of your article so that it appears differently in search engine results.

Also, before you attempt to publish your content, you may instantly get a sense of how your webpage appears in search results. 

All of this, and much more, is included in the free version.

It allows you to see how your post will appear when shared on social networking networks. 

It also gives you the option of uploading several featured photos to be associated with the web pages.

 Keywords with Multiple Focuses

Yoast SEO Premium allows you to add up to 5 keywords for each article you publish, as opposed to the free version, which only allows you to add one. This enables you to include numerous relevant keywords for improved optimization.

 Filter for Orphaned Content

When you examine all posts, the function adds all posts that are not linked to any other articles on your website and place them under a tab labeled "Orphaned Content." 

This enables you to keep track of such posts and discover a way to connect them to later publications you create.

 Cornerstone Content Filter 

The Cornerstone Content Filter keeps you up to date with a list of your most popular posts and pages.

What is new in Yoast SEO Premium Plugin v18.0?

Adds support for Italian word forms.

Improves recognition of short French words' word forms.

Sets the minimum WordPress version supported to 

 Improves the way significant terms ending in -ent are detected in the text.

Fixes an issue in which.

htaccess redirects in a multisite were being rewritten by other sites in the network.

Fixes an issue in which the replacement variables from Yoast SEO WooCommerce were not appropriately changed in the Social Previews.

Adds a feedback link beneath the focus key input field to allow users to report key recognition issues for languages with basic morphology support.

Increases the security of AJAX routes used in social previews.

Fixes an issue in which the buttons in numerous alerts did not function properly.

It also includes every other update made in the free edition of Yoast SEO v18.0.

It also includes every other update made in the free edition of Yoast SEO v18.0.
upgrades the Yoast SEO automated installation to Yoast SEO v18.0.

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