Cybernetic Octopus Review 2022 Is Scam ?



Hundreds of customer surveys have revealed that the ONE thing everyone requires after purchasing hosting, autoresponders, traffic tools, and every other glittering object under the sun is a nasty ass 8 "tentacled" plan.

This is one you won't want to miss since it's precisely what your pupils desire. It's the "missing link" in every newcomer's hunt for internet money.

What if you could make 248 to 1100 dollars again and over? With hardly little effort... That's what you'll discover in a new product called Cybernetic Octopus.

Jamie and Jonny have been utilizing this strategy for over a year and have fine-tuned it to the point that ANYONE can make three to four figures each day. 

There is no need for software, funnels, social media, or sponsored advertisements. This is something everyone can accomplish!

As well as ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... The cybernetic octopus is BY FAR the most innovative system we've ever released; it's a huge game-changer for 2022, the kind of stuff that comes along once every 75 years like Haley's comet.

A phenomenal, fantastic, nearly supernatural method and program that individuals of all ages may utilize to make BANK. We sent it to beta testers and heard screaming. On Gotowebinar, we could hear genuine screaming across the radio waves. Like the 1980s Nickelodeon super toy runs.

Cybernetic Octopus teaches you EIGHT entirely unique techniques to go to the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE OVERNIGHT and FOR FREE, allowing you to generate 3-4 figures each day in PURE PROFIT. Furthermore, the designers have created custom-made 
software to assist YOU!

And the greatest thing is... You don't even need to know anything about SEO to make a lot of money with this... It is completely beginner-friendly! What's equally impressive about Cybernetic Octopus is that the findings will be received 'FAST'... thus getting rid of all the guessing!

Here’s What You Get Today:

Full Web Platform That Lets You Sell DFY SEO Services
44 Unique & Jaw-Dropping Features To Get #1 Rankings
Commercial License: Use for yourself OR sell to clients
Article Writing, Backlinks, Keyword Research All Done-For-You
100% Newbie-Friendly, Easy to use editor
A COMPLETE Experience That Will Helps You Get Started & Start Selling The Same Day!
Sell SEO Reports and Audits On Fiverr
Proprietary Technology Automates Hundreds of Gigs for You
Mobile Responsive Design
SEO Built-In Turning Your Services Into a #1 Ranking BEAST
This is ideal for newcomers! There is no requirement for the prior experience; in fact, Jonny and Jamie had no prior experience when they began!
Remember, you're receiving the Cybernetic Octopus System, which allows you to transform GOOGLE into a Commission Generator and automatically promote for FREE, as well as my quick start guide, step-by-step lessons, and 6 special extras!
Don't be afraid to read the rest of this Cybernetic Octopus Review because I'll show you how strong it is!


2022 Cybernetic Octopus RANKING and Payment System
Launch Your Cybernetic Octopus For 2022, Rank And Profit! (Worth $49/Month, $588/Year)
However, we did make instructions for those of you who require daddy to tuck you in.
Our thorough step-by-step video instructions are concise, informative, and simple to follow. They will point you in the correct route, and I made certain of that since I am eager to hear your testimonial!


Google Ranking Results That Convert: This Clever Hack allows you To Receive Instant Repeat Commissions From One Activation!
Unlimited Traffic Potential: Free Buyer Traffic At Your Fingertips In Seconds..
Innovational Income Hack: Never Before Seen Complete Income System For 2022…
Easy Access: No more problems With traffic and lack of conversions
So Easy No Tutorials Needed: But we did in fact create them just in case you are in need.
Consistency: You Can Rinse And Repeat With Cybernetic Octopus…
Cloud-Based: No Complicated Installations Necessary
Continuous Business: 24/7 Monthly, Yearly Ongoing High Ticket Commissions Paying For Services
3 Steps: And you are in power, Instantly.


Website Auditor: Quickly review any website and generate beautiful reports about SEO – therefore selling more of your services.
Social Stats Spy Tool: Get detailed Social Media Sharing Analysis to help you in growing your (or your client’s) viral sharing!
Visitor Analytics: Watch website visitors in real-time. Easier than google analytics.
Keyword Research Tool: Instantly finds hot keywords that are effective and have a powerful impact upon your SEO services, generating a HUGE boost in your sales!
Article Rewriter: Rewrite different articles and make them completely UNIQUE! Remember, Google loves unique content.
Article Spinner PRO: From this Pro version you can spin content for the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Germany, Turkish, and Indonesian.
Backlink Maker: Bored of manually creating backlinks to your website? The Backlink Maker will handle that for you. Set it and forget about it.
Search Engine Spider Simulator: This tool allows you to simulate that spider/program to see how it navigates your website. The smoother and faster it is, the better.
Text To Speech Premiere Technology: Add the text, allow our software to convert into audio, and instantly convert it into an MP3 file – want to have your own voiceover? You got it!
Keyword Density Checker: It is one of the ways search engines determine where your website should rank for a particular keyword. Check what’s your keyword density.
Meta Tag Generator: Google still checks the meta tags on every site. Make sure you have your keywords and LSI keywords in your meta tags with the help of the Meta Tags Generator to help you beat your competitors.
Backlinks Extractor: Use these tools to spy on your competitor's backlinks and get useful insights into their link-building activities. One of the best ways to rank in Google!
XML Sitemap Generator: The XML sitemap is like a map that allows the search engine’s spiders to navigate through your site. You can create it in seconds.
Robots.txt Generator: This is the file that lets search engines know how to crawl your website. You can create it within a few clicks!
Online Ping Website Tool: This gives the spiders a signal to crawl your site faster and know what has been updated. Pretty important when it comes to SEO.
Blacklist Lookup: There are websites that get banned or blacklisted on the internet. This tool checks your website in the blacklist against 100 DNS-based email blacklists.


Any Internet Marketer, regardless of the niche: Cybernetic Octopus helps marketers make more sales and get #1 rankings for themselves and their clients… at the push of a button
People who always wanted to sell their own services but never had time or patience to develop them
Anyone who wants a nice STABLE income that comes in 24/7 while focusing on bigger projects
Lazy people who want easy profits O Anyone who values their business and money and is not ready to risk them


Front-end: Cybernetic Octopus ($17)

Simple cloud app launches your very own fully-fledged SEO business that can bring you thousands in profit! The best part? You don’t even have to know anything about SEO to be making huge sales with this

OTO 1: Done for you $17

Tell Jamie what you need and he will get to work!

OTO 2: Maximum Profit Booster $49 

Ramp it up! Get your hands on hundreds of high ticket monetization affiliate programs and start raking in the big money!


Imagine being able to meet with Jamie (The creator of Cybernetic Octopus) every week in an “exclusive members-only class”) where Jamie will personally train you AND act as your manager, Mentor, and agent, pulling you up the hill.

Jamie has been running this weekly meeting since 2011, and in addition to amazing instruction and hand-holding, he also promotes students’ links, books joint venture deals for them, and much more. This is a priceless opportunity.

OTO 4: Ultimate Download $67 

This is the ultimate business in a box. Not only will you be able to download actual advertising campaigns and keywords in a zip file, but it comes loaded with actual PSD templates, videos for Whitelabel use, and a ton of actual files and sites you can resell!

OTO 5: Traffic on Tap (Traffic Jacker) $47  

Input your link and get traffic from our redirected expired domains, youtube channels, and more!

OTO 6: Marketplace $27  

Anything you create with the app can be shown to other users! This is a marketplace upgrade within the member's area of Cybernetic Octopus!

OTO 7: Vendor Edition $77  

With this OTO upgrade, users will obtain resell rights to 5 of Jamie’s most high converting funnels. This is ONLY offered as an exclusive upgrade and is not available anywhere else on the net!


With the one and only Cybernetic Octopus, you have the opportunity to generate incredible recurring monthly income by selling SEO services as a whole or as individual services.

The value of these individual services, when broken down, will be clearly evident to your clients once they see what they can do for their firm, in terms of all the new commercial activity you'll be fully equipped and armed to provide them with the aid of Cybernetic Octopus.

I've been doing Internet Marketing for an EXTREMELY LONG TIME, and it takes a LOT to please me. So when I looked into Cybernetic Octopus, I assumed I'd already know what it was all about.

Then I went into the members' section and quickly discovered that I was completely mistaken. This is quite effective. 

You don't need social media accounts, you don't need to perform email marketing, you don't need to establish an email list, and you don't need to pay for advertisements or anything else.

That's what truly took my breath away. ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? I exclaimed. This is something I wish I had known about a few years ago!
This is arguably the quickest and most long-lasting path to success. 

The newly published and extensively tested web program "Cybernetic Octopus" enables you to enhance not only your own websites, but also the websites of an infinite number of clients all over the world, and most importantly, with the touch of a button.

It doesn't take long to become highly familiar with the world of SEO by just using the tools given by Cybernetic Octopus. 

Most website owners ignore their own website's SEO advice since it is a tedious operation that necessitates some tedious expertise until you have Cybernetic Octopus at your disposal to handle it all for you!
Cybernetic Octopus can assist you to rank any website on Google's first page. 

So it might be your site or a client's site... This allows you to charge your clients hundreds of dollars for something that this program performs on autopilot.

What’s more, the building features can all be sold as services for any price you want. It comes with 44 unique features you can use to start selling on Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, and many more… all on autopilot unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before.

Cybernetic Octopus is a fully cloud-based app that allows you to have your very own SEO business up and running in seconds within the push of a button. It offers you the possibility to efficiently and effortlessly sell your services online.

Finally, it has text-to-speech technology, which allows you to take any text and transform it into an incredible speech. So, are you ready to finally have your own completely filled-out internet business blooming and flourishing?

Now that you have your own fully-fledged optimized SEO software with all the ready-made applications and features you could possibly desire, you need one more thing: RESULTS.

You're in luck since Cybernetic Octopus has you covered there as well. It combines the power of SEO with viral social media traffic for guaranteed results that will STUN your consumers, making you a spectacular seller.

That implies your services will: wow everyone, resulting in hundreds of orders every day! Use our secret formula to automate all of your labor and ensure that hundreds of clients see your messages every minute!

And get this: it's entirely MOBILE-FRIENDLY, which means you can complete orders while you're out and about; simply open the app and begin completing SEO orders!

So, as you can see, Cybernetic Octopus provides you with all of the tools you need to go out there and build an outrageously successful business with little to no work or technological know-how. 

With the SEO integrated into it, everything is completely automated. Your traffic will increase quickly, as will your sales and email subscribers.

Because of the vastness of the internet in comparison to its size, there is essentially no rivalry in the SEO area. 

Yes, there is competition, but there are so many websites that want the assistance of an SEO specialist (you) that your alternatives are virtually limitless.

The internet is filled with company owners that want SEO assistance, and it may have never occurred to them to optimize their website for search engines. 

Imagine their amazement when you demonstrate the capabilities of Cybernetic Octopus and how precious you are to them!

One of the finest aspects of Cybernetic Octopus is the possibility for "passive income" and massive company development as a consequence of employing this wonderful platform. 

The potential for huge success, both for the SEO professional utilizing the program and for the business owner, is unfathomable!

Cybernetic Octopus throws up a completely new untapped world of possibility for everyone with the will to achieve. 

Cybernetic Octopus may find work everywhere enterprises are attempting to flourish. 

This implies that a person may actually go anywhere in the globe while conducting this SEO business strategy from their laptop computer.

Are you brave enough to seize this incredible opportunity to amass an outrageous fortune from a genuine internet business that operates almost entirely on auto-?

pilot? Yes, there will be effort involved, but once this is put up and you've sold to a few clients, you'll be on your way to riches beyond your wildest dreams.

This genuinely is a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity with a passive income potential that will only expand if you keep working at it.

It's Your Turn to Shine! (Let's Have A Blast Together And Buy Every Micro Cap Gaming Coin With Our Internet Marketing Earnings In 2022...)

Soon, you'll have the self-esteem that comes with working intelligently... Our pre-release testers picked up quickly and are seeing fantastic results.

It's now your turn... To launch 2022 into the Andromeda galaxy and run for Congress. To earn money online and embark on a new adventure...


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